By Makenzie Pick
Grace Moore

Grace Moore is only at the beginning of what she hopes will be a long journey serving on leadership for Dance Marathon. It only took one year as a dancer for Moore to realize she wanted to be more involved in Dance Marathon. She decided to start off her time on leadership by being a Moral Captain Assistant. As an MCA she assists her Moral Captain in any way possible. She helps make signs, recruits dancers, and keeps track of dancer points.

“My favorite part so far is the walking group. We get to give the families a chance to get away from the hospital for at least a little while,” she said.

It’s the little things like walking with the families once or twice a week that can mean so much not only to the families but also to the dancers who walk with them.

Grace’s favorite Dance Marathon memory so far came from a walking session last May when she got to walk with a grandma and four siblings of one of the kids battling cancer.

“They all wanted to walk around Kinnick, and I could tell they were just having the best time out there,” said Moore.

Moore is a sophomore from Des Moines, Iowa. She is majoring in business and is also involved in Alpha Kappa Psi, a business fraternity on campus.

Within one of the next few years she hopes to be on the business committee so she can experience another aspect of leadership. No matter what committee she ends up being on, she wants to stay as involved as possible.

Like everyone involved in Dance Marathon, Moore has her own reason to dance. She dances for those who can’t.

“Yeah I’m a busy college student, and I have a lot of things going on, but these kids are fighting so much. It’s worth it to me to raise money and dance for them,” said Moore.

She lets the kids and their stories motivate her whenever she feels like she can’t do any more.

“Sometimes I get really stressed out about raising money and making signs,” she said. “Then I remember what the kids are fighting and it motivates me to continue to power through it.”

So far, her favorite way to raise money is through canning. She made at least half of her money by canning alone last year, and she recommends it to every dancer.

As we start to approach the Big Event, Moore has a few words of advice to share with all of the dancers:

Sleep beforehand, wear comfortable shoes, and listen to the families as much as possible and let their stories motivate you to keep standing and dancing.


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