By Cassie Cook

After the first University of Iowa Dance Marathon Big Event, Deanna Kerns knew that


the organization was something she was passionate about and she wanted to get more involved.

Her second year she became a Morale Captain Assistant and a Morale Captain the following year and senior year she became the Morale Captain Assistant Chair and was a part of Hundy.

Although Kerns graduated last spring her journey with Dance Marathon has not ended.

Kerns is currently an Assistant Director for Children’s Miracle Network at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. She works with corporate partners and Dance Marathon programs to raise money for the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

With Children’s Miracle Network Kerns works with nine other Dance Marathon programs in the state of Iowa.

Iowa currently has the most Dance Marathon programs nationally and being alum of University of Iowa Dance Marathon helps her to relate easily to the other programs.

All of the experiences she had as a student have helped her to grow professionally and have helped shape a lot of the relationships she has today.

“Get as much experience as you can. Let your passion drive you to be the best you can be,” said Kerns, when asked to give advice to current UI students. “ All in all, it will help you no matter where you end up professionally in your life. Dance Marathon helped me professionally in ways I never thought it would.”

Looking back now,  Kerns’  said she had a lot of good memories while  being a

Kerns (center) surrounded by UI Dance Marathon 18 Morale Captains.

member in the UI Dance Marathon.

One of her favorite memories was holding a walking group for the parents in the hospital. Four nights a week, families and Dance Marathon members walk around campus to give families a break from the hospital setting.

“It gave them a break from their life within the walls of the hospital.  It gave them a chance to get some fresh air and exercise and from meeting those parents and creating those relationships, I was able to be a comforting shoulder and provide emotional support,” said Kerns.


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