Take some advice from a dancer and PR/Marketing committee member, Caitlin Becker, on creative ways to start fundraising:

Everyone is excited for the Big Event, but then most dancers’ biggest fear dawns on them: how will I raise that $400 to get to the Big Event?

There is always the basic ways to raise that money such as canning, writing letters, or sending your online giving page to family and friends; however, there are many other ways you can FUNdraise if you rather get creative.

With Halloween coming up, why not put that new costume to good use and trick-or-treat for DM. Help support those kids who can’t go around neighborhoods trick-or-treating in hopes that they no longer have to put their Halloween plans on hold.

If you want to get really creative, you can even make your very own haunted house with entrance fees going FTK.

With the winter season not following too far behind, there are many opportunities that arise with the snow fall and holidays. For those of you who don’t mind some physical exertion, you can offer to shovel snow or put up Christmas lights for a donation.

To those of you who are musically inclined (or not, who’s judging?), caroling is always a spirited option and can be a lot of fun. And for those of you who are creative, you could offer to wrap presents and make homemade holiday cards with the proceeds going to the children at the UI Hospitals and Clinics.

Who wouldn’t want to have such amazing services provided to them, especially when it’s all going to a great cause?

There are also many things you can do at school or at your dorm, house, or apartment. When checking your email, be sure to take a second look at those research participant inquiries. If you fit their participant profile, you can make a few donations of your own with the compensation you receive from the studies.

Bake sales can also be a big hit, especially if you have a friend with a major sweet-tooth (cupcakes anyone?). Or for those with messy roommates or friends, you can offer to clean their room (note: this one is at your own risk).

And with midterms, papers, and your everyday schoolwork, your friends might be a bit busy to do that pile of laundry that they’ve been meaning to do all week. Why not do laundry for a donation?

Remember, no matter how you decide to raise that money, it’s all FTK! So go get started!


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