Here’s a Morale-Boost!

By Cassie Cook As a freshmen Cassidy Franklin had no idea at the time her friend, Hospital Chair Sara Stewart, persuaded her to sign up for Dance Marathon, saying that it would make her college experience so meaningful. To this day Franklin is very thankful to Stewart for convincing her to sign up. While attending her … Continue reading Here’s a Morale-Boost!


Family Relations Leader

By: Katie Susik Amanda Gillispie is a sophomore at the University of Iowa, majoring in pre-pharmacy and serving on Dance Marathon’s Family Relations leadership team. An Iowa City native, Gillispie began her Dance Marathon journey in the tenth grade as a spirit dancer and has registered as a full time dancer every following year. “Ever since … Continue reading Family Relations Leader

November’s “Dancer of the Month”

By Ellysha Gravel As a first year dancer Mallory Kesterson has already gone above and beyond to help the superstar Dance Marathon kids and families — exceeding fundraising goals with three months left to go before the Big Event. She has surpassed fundraising goals thanks to writing letters to her friends and family who generously donated … Continue reading November’s “Dancer of the Month”

Pancheros Lifts Up Dancers’ Spirits Through Their Stomachs

By: Mike Wartan and Jenny Earl Everybody has their own way of supporting University of Iowa Dance Marathon and for some, it’s through burritos. Burrito after burrito, workers warm soft tortilla shells, pack on some meat, and add some veggies, wrapping each burrito tightly in tinfoil, with the words Pancheros written across it in red … Continue reading Pancheros Lifts Up Dancers’ Spirits Through Their Stomachs