By: Mike Wartan and Jenny Earl

Everybody has their own way of supporting University of Iowa Dance Marathon and for some, it’s through burritos.

Burrito after burrito, workers warm soft tortilla shells, pack on some meat, and add

Pancheros downtown Iowa City

some veggies, wrapping each burrito tightly in tinfoil, with the words Pancheros written across it in red letters.

Over the years, Reid Travis, marketing communications director at Pancheros said Pancheros workers have made and wrapped over 8,000 burritos to donate to Dance Marathon.

“We donate burritos for all the dancers during main event,” said Travis. “We also try to support other activities leading up to the event with free burrito cards, or chips and salsa.”

For about 6 years Pancheros has been a dedicated sponsor for the organization.

“University of Iowa Dance Marathon is a great organization. An opportunity arose for a food sponsor and we jumped at the opportunity,” said Travis. “We have enjoyed the relationship and continued our support every year.”

The partnership stemmed from an employee who worked at the Pancheros corporate office and was affiliated with a member of the Dance Marathon planning committee.

Handing out burritos in the middle of the night at the Big Event, Pancheros workers stick around for a few hours to watch their hard work put to use.

“We love having the opportunity to support a great cause and see the results first hand,” said Travis. “We live in this community as well and love to see local endeavors like this one thrive and continue.”

Travis said Pancheros workers have also built relationships with dancers over the years.

“The Dancers are great people and are always incredibly welcoming to Pancheros every year,” he said. “Plus, these students are used to late night burritos, right? Am I right? You kids…”

It takes thousands of people and a handful of sponsors to put on the event and local chapters elsewhere.

“Just knowing that we are able to play a small part in such a big picture means a lot,” said Travis.


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