By Ellysha Gravel

As a first year dancer Mallory Kesterson has already gone above and beyond to help the superstar Dance Marathon kids and families — exceeding fundraising goals with three months left to go before the Big Event.

She has surpassed fundraising goals thanks to writing letters to her friends and family who generously donated to help in the fight against cancer.

Inspired to help in the fight against childhood cancer due to her past interactions with two young boys, who both fought cancer, and their families, Kesterson has focused more of her time participating in Dance Marathon events.

This experience, combined with hearing nothing but positive things about Dance Marathon throughout her freshman year, convinced Kesterson to join Dance Marathon as a sophomore.

Kesterson has yet to attend her first Big Event but Dance Marathon has already “moved [her] in countless ways.”

Interested in joining Dance Marathon? Kesterson would tell you to go for it and sign up!  She realizes that people are often intimated by the amount of money they need to raise in order to participate, but that fear should not hold someone back. Raising money can be easier than it sounds.

“Get ahead on fundraising and take advantage of all the amazing opportunities that are given to [you],” she said.

Kesterson is able to keep up her motivation for Dance Marathon by simply thinking about the kids and their families.

“What keeps me motivated is just the thought that these little kiddos don’t get the life they should have at that age,” said Kesterson, inspired by the strength of kids at such a young age.

Through this, Kesterson is able to keep remain enthusiastic about all things Dance Marathon.

“Dance Marathon is so much fun and it is our way to help in the fight to end cancer,” she said.


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