By: Katie Susik
Amanda Gillispie

Amanda Gillispie is a sophomore at the University of Iowa, majoring in pre-pharmacy and serving on Dance Marathon’s Family Relations leadership team.

An Iowa City native, Gillispie began her Dance Marathon journey in the tenth grade as a spirit dancer and has registered as a full time dancer every following year.
“Ever since the tenth grade or my initial Dance Marathon experience, I’ve fallen in love with the organization more and more,” she said. “I wanted to surround myself with all of these passionate leaders and get a genuine feel of what Dance Marathon is really about.”
Some of Gillispie’s duties include overseeing external family representatives, making sure they contact their families and keep them updated throughout the year, attending Dance Marathon functions such as the family picnic and the 100 days out event and going to the hospital for special occasions, including movie nights and elf visits.
When asked why she’s involved with Dance Marathon, Gillispie responded with positive feedback.
“The whole Dance Marathon phenomenon intrigues me and makes me feel good. I can’t really pinpoint why I’m so passionate about it but what I do know is that once you join or become part of the experience, you never want to stop. You never want to let it go,” she said.
Apart from Dance Marathon, Gillispie volunteers in the neo-natal intensive care unit weekly, cuddling premature babies, running labs, screening visitors, and showing new families around the unit. She aspires to work in a hospital setting, as a neonatal pharmacist or pediatric oncology pharmacist.
A hardworking young woman with a drive to help others and medical bound future, Gillispie finds Dance Marathon to be the perfect place to begin.

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