By Jenny Earl

For the final blog post before the Big Event, I decided to string together a screenshot of some of the best stories I’ve read on various dancers’ fundraising pages.

As you all know, everyone has the opportunity to share with others the reason why Dance Marathon means so much to them or why they do what they do.

Therefore, rather than re-telling someone else’s story, I thought I’d let these pictures speak for themselves.

“Everyone has a story to tell, a lesson to teach, and wisdom to share… 
Life is a beautiful masterpiece bound together by your experiences. Open up and share your story; become an inspiration to others. You can make a difference because you matter. You were created with purpose. Live your life with intention, go out there and make a difference by being the difference.” 

Here are some of the best stories/quotes I’ve come across so far:

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One thought on “Our Stories

  1. This was an awesome idea! Thanks for the perspective and different kind of inspiration going to the weekend…I already know the kids are amazing but everyone involved is just as amazing, too! FTK – happy 1 day out!

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