100 Days Out has been an amazing event that the UI Dance Marathon holds, but this year it’s going to be all that and a bag of chips! It will be totally awesome, the coolest thing since sliced bread, and neater than the Backstreet Boys doing a concert with NSYNC. Just in case you didn’t understand all of that, 100 Days Out is going to be super cool, since this year it is 90’s themed. So break out your jean short overalls, polish up your Macarena moves, and don’t forget to wear your slap bracelets, because this celebration is going to be the bomb digity. You will get to dance the night away in The IMU Main Ballroom, from 8pm-11pm tonight, for free. There will be nifty merchandise there, nostalgic 90’s games, a wonderful family speaker, and plenty of 90’s music to “Jump Around” or “Vogue” to all night long! So let’s celebrate that it is officially less than 100 days until our Big Event and lets party like its 1999!



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