Written By: Nicole Migacz

Not only does Dance Marathon provide amazing support for pediatric cancer patients and their families, but it also pushes people to be better and strive towards a greater goal. The kiddos, families, and participants are always encouraging each other to make a difference. People like Stacy Rebelsky are an inspiration to challenge ourselves to always do more. Stacy is a dance marathon participant to look up to, she has invested her whole heart and soul into this organization and is continually spreading the mission of DM. Stacy just recently finished her second marathon in honor of DM. She is a reminder that Dance Marathon is bigger than just ourselves and everything we do in DM is FOR THE KIDS.

Why do you Dance?

Stacy: I dance because I am blessed with the health to do so. I dance for everyone who has been affected with cancer and for those who are dancing in our hearts.  I dance because I enjoy being part of something that is so much bigger than myself and seeing how happy it makes kids and their families dealing with something they shouldn’t have to go through. I also dance for many family members who have been affected by cancer.

Why did you decide to do the Chicago Marathon the first time?

Stacy: I told myself that if I was chosen to be a Morale Captain that I would do the marathon. When I become a Morale Captain for DM 19 I didn’t even think twice and signed up. I had done smaller races and knew that a marathon had always been a goal of mine so what better way to do it than with some of my best friends for an amazing cause.

Why did you decide to do the Chicago Marathon the 2nd time?

Stacy: It was such an awesome experience the first time that I knew as long as I was still involved in Dance Marathon I needed to do it again.  I thought if these kids can put up with treatment and the pain of having a child or sibling with cancer, then I can challenge myself to run a simple marathon again!

What was the biggest reward of completing the marathon?

Stacy: Just knowing that you committed to something and followed through with it. Even better knowing that you helped raise money for Dance Marathon through your efforts and seeing all the kids and families cheering you on! It creates a special sense of friendship between everyone that runs it!

Did you feel any difference between the first and 2nd time?

Stacy: The first time I really had no idea what to expect so I was really nervous the first time but very excited. I was really excited the second time as well but it was so nice to know what to expect and to really be able to enjoy it fully since I already had one under my belt.

Would you do it again?

Stacy: In a heartbeat. Best experience ever.

What is your favorite part of Dance Marathon?

Stacy: Meeting some amazing and strong kids and families who have changed my life forever and creating bonds and friendships with the individuals involved in Dance Marathon that I know will last a lifetime.



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