Finding Flair

Written By: Nicole Migacz

The Big Event is in 52 days! Maybe it’s time to start planning how you’re going to show off your Dance Marathon Spirit with some lime green flair! Here are a couple ideas for some fun add-ons to your Big Event get up.

1. Lime green bow, because who doesn’t love bows?
2. Lime green bowtie or tie for you classy gentleman.
3. Some lime suspenders to make sure you don’t literally dance your pants off.
4. A snazzy lime headband.
5. Home made scarf out of an old DM shirt. (Tutorial on how to make a scarf out of a t-shirt)
6. Lime green nail polish.
7. Make your own lime green tutu.
8. Tie-dyed lime knee high socks.
9. Lime green shoelaces to accentuate all your fancy footwork!
10. Obviously, all of the wonderful merchandise available at all the dancer meetings and The Big Event! Lime green shirts, sunglasses, fanny pack, water bottle, etc.


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