Written By: Alyssa Pelfresne


Winter break has officially arrived! The lasts of students are finishing their finals and rapidly going home today to celebrate the holiday season with their families.  One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is the music.  I can and will listen to Christmas music at any time of the year to spread my own holiday cheer.  One of my favorite songs is the twelve days of Christmas and instead of explaining my love for all of the twelve days, I’m going to show twelve dance moves to be danced at Dance Marathon.


 1.    The Bernie


Because this dance move looks too ridiculous not to use in the 24 hours


 2.     Gangnam Style



 3.    The Sprinkler


If this move is cool enough for One Direction, it’s definitely cool for DM.


4.    The Robot



 5.    The Running Man

Image Grab those gym shoes and pull out your best version of this move.


 6.    “Bye Bye Bye” by N’sync


You better believe the 90’s boy band dance moves will come out.



 7.    The Dougie


If you don’t know this dance move ask someone to teach you.


 8.    The Moonwalk




 9.    Single Girls Dance


We don’t question the queen’s dance moves; we just do as she does.


10. Jump On It


Bring your game face and get ready to jump on it.


 11.  Stanky Leg



12. Line Dancing


Enjoy country hour and do the boot scootin’ boogie all throughout the IMU!


And if all else fails, pull out your own signature move and flash the dance crowd a smile



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