Written By: Alyssa Pelfresne


With the New Year rapidly approaching, it’s about that time to start making new years resolutions.  It’s a great time to clear your head and think about all of the possibilities of 2014.  One resolution for dancers and leadership members is to start or finish raising money and to raise it fast for DM. It’s important to leave yourself with plenty of opportunities to fundraise.  These next three weeks on break give the perfect opportunity to raise money.  Here are 5 great new ideas to start the year out right and finish that fundraising!

 1.Shoveling Driveways

With all of the snow and ice that has fallen this year, it is the perfect opportunity to step up and be that wonderful gentleman or lady and shovel your neighbor’s driveway. This is an easy way to help your old neighbor down the street, and make a few bucks for your account!

 2. Donations at the Gym

Trying to work off those extra holiday desserts?  Aren’t we all…So as you head to your hometown gym, talk to the front desk and see if you would be allowed to leave a donations box and an information sheet regarding the big event.  This is an easy way to expand the DM message to those not in Iowa City.

 3. Church Donations

Living back under mom and dad’s roof may come with a couple of conditions; one might be to attend church on Sundays.  Like asking for donations at the gym, taking donations at your church is a great way to fundraise! Talk to your church’s office and ask to set up a booth in a meeting area of the church so that people can learn more about Dance Marathon and give donations after your weekly mass!

 4. Clean out that Closet!

It’s that time of the year that your mom will make you clean out your closet after the Christmas holidays.  After gathering up all of your old clothes, head to your nearest clothing sell-back store to sell back your old clothes! Then take this money and donate it to your dancer account!

 5. Tap into all Networks

All of the holiday parties this season are the perfect opportunity to spread the DM word.  By talking to one stranger at a party and explaining that you are a member of Dance Marathon, you have the opportunity to explain all of the wonderful things Dance Marathon does and the potential to add some money to your account! You never know who knows whom and who can talk to their friend, neighbor, or boss and add a donation to your account! You will never add any more money to your account unless you try, so get out there and find a new way raise that money!



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