Written By: Brianna Sudrla

Are you still trying to raise money to make it to the Big Event? We have many solutions for you! Here is a list of 30 ways to raise money For The Kids, in 30 days!

1. Post your giving page to your Facebook.

2. Email a letter to all of your contacts with your giving page link.

3. Ask your family and friends to share your story with their peers, also providing your giving page link.

4. Ask local businesses if you can set out cans for the remainder of break to collect change.

5. Tweet at your favorite celebs or others on your list to ask for their donations.

6. Babysit as much as you can and put all of the money you earn towards your donations.

7. If your high school or middle school has uniforms, inquire them about having a jeans day (pay $1 to wear jeans for the day).

8. Walk around and sell dum dum suckers for $1 each.

9. Reach out to your morale captain for assistance.

10. Can door to door in your neighborhood.

11. Ask your parents to pay you to make a meal for them.

12. Shovel snow for cash.

13.  If you are a server, dedicate your tips for the next 30 days to be donated into your account.

14. Ask a local business to donate a gift card for X amount of dollars. Then, set up a table at your local high school’s basketball game and raffle off the gift card.

15. Host a bake sale.

16. Sell unwanted and unused clothes to a consignment store.

17. Post something in your church’s bulletin.

18. Clean your roommate’s room for cash.

19. Dig out your high school graduation invitation list and send letters or emails to everyone.

20. Ask your parents and/or older siblings to inform their co-workers of your fundraising.

21. Make green flare for the Big Event and sell the attire.

22. Give up any sweats for the month and anytime you think about buying that ice cream, cupcake, or chocolate, donate that amount into your account.

23. Ask friends and/or family members to come up with a challenge and then sign a contract that will state how much they will donate for your accomplishments. Example: “For every day you go without chocolate from now until February 6th, I will donate $10.”

24. Offer to put away Christmas decorations for donations. (I know my parents haven’t put away our things!)

25. Make a large meal and ask friends to come over and eat for $5 each.

26. Organize a pancake breakfast.

27. Talk with your boss and work any extra hours allotted.

28. Post your online giving page on communal pages.

29. Go to public events wearing your lime green shirt and carrying a can and approach people to explain what Dance Marathon is—they might donate!

30. Be honest with the people around you. Tell them why you dance. Explain to them what the money goes to. Let them know you want to be a part of the Big Event and that you want to raise as much money as you can For The Kids so you can make a different in their lives!

Good Luck!!!



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