Written By: Makenzie Pick


Most college students have a lot of pride in their school no matter where they come from. It’s something that comes with being a college student and seems to bring students together in great ways. However, with pride you will often find rivalries between schools, and with rivalries hostile feelings tend to follow. But even these rivalries can’t keep students from connecting nation wide through Dance Marathon.


When students who are involved in DM at their schools meet students from other schools who are also involved in DM, an instant connection is often made. Something about sharing such an important passion causes people to come together. These connections lead to DM students around the country going to other colleges during their Big Events to show support and have another opportunity to make a kiddo smile.


Iowa hosts an incredible 24-hour Big Event every year, but we aren’t the only ones working year round for the kiddos. Students all over the country from high schools to colleges have taken the time to commit to Dance Marathon at their schools.


Over 150 schools around the U.S. have created Dance Marathon student orgs, and more schools are joining in each year. Thousands of students are willingly donating their time to create an amazing DM experience for the kiddos and raise money for a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital near their schools.   


The University of Iowa Dance Marathon is among the largest DMs throughout the nation, with millions of dollars donated and thousands of students involved over the course of twenty years. However, each and every DM donates and makes an impact in their community no matter how big or small they may be. Each dollar a school donates, each hour a kiddo gets to dance with a student and each time a student visits the hospital a family is being supported by DM.


Thousands of students from around the country have created something special. They have come together to show families with children in the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals they care about their kiddos and they are ready to help. When students come together for a cause that is special and important to them it is amazing what can be done.


This shared passion can break any barrier that may come from going to different schools and make people forget about whatever rivalries may exist. No matter what school you go to, everyone involved in Dance Marathon around the country is participating for one reason. FTK. 


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