Written By: Nicole Migacz

Everyone has their own story on how they got involved with Dance Marathon and their favorite memories. Read this interview and learn a little bit more about Drake Wilbur the PR/Marketing Director. Drake has climbed his way to a top leadership position and has an inspirational passion towards DM, if you’re interested in being on executive board Drake is a great dancer to look up to!

Why did you originally decide to participate in Dance Marathon?

Drake: My first day of college I got to class a little early, and I saw one of my classmates wearing a Dance Marathon bracelet. I went up to her and said that I noticed her wearing the bracelet, and I was wondering how to get involved. I already learned a little about Dance Marathon from orientation. Turns out she was a Morale Captain, and the rest is history.

What was your favorite part of the first Big Event you attended?

Drake: Like most people, I wasn’t 100% sure what I was getting into my first Big Event. I distinctly remember the moment it clicked for me. One of the family speakers had recently lost a girl who was around my age. I connected with their story and it made me want to get involved even more.

What is the most memorable moment you have out of all The Big Events?

Drake: When I was a Morale Captain one of the Theme Hours was Disney. I was dressed up as Aladdin and another Captain was Jasmine. A little girl came running up to “Jasmine” and gave her a big hug. She then turns to me and asks, “Where’s Abu?” And it was just the cutest thing since she thought we were actually Aladdin and Jasmine.

*P.S. Drake would make a very convincing Aladdin and I’m sure those of you who know him would agree.

What steps did you take to be on Executive Council?

Drake: After my first Big Event, I knew I wanted to be involved so I spoke with my Morale Captain about becoming one. She gave me all the info I needed. After my year on Morale, I still wanted to do something, so I applied for a Chair position and became Website Chair on the PR/Marketing Committee. After that year, I discussed the possibility of applying for PR/Marketing Director with my director and decided it’s what I wanted. So my advice to anyone interested is to ask questions. If you want to be a Captain, ask yours about it! If your interests lie elsewhere you can always always ask anyone on Exec, and we’d be happy to help!

What is your favorite part of being in a leadership role?

Drake: I love fostering the next generation of leaders in our organization.

How do you plan on staying involved with DM once you graduate?

Drake: We do have Alumni networks starting up in some major cities (Chicago, Des Moines, Minneapolis) so if I end up in one of them, I’d be very interested in helping with events or doing whatever I can. If I end up somewhere else, I can still guarantee that I will find myself in Iowa City every first weekend in February.



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