Written By: Makenzie Pick


By now we’ve all heard what we can do for Dance Marathon. What DM is and does has been engrained in our brains from day one, as it should be. The kiddos are the reason Dance Marathon exists and is so popular throughout the country. But being involved in DM impacts more than the kiddos; it impacts each and every person who is involved.


Being a part of a group of students who share this type of passion can be beneficial in a number of ways. Students get volunteer experience, gain perspective and develop lasting friendships.


Volunteer. Every student has heard that word more times than they want to count. You need to have a certain number of volunteer hours, it will look good on your resume, and it will help you get better scholarships are all phrases that are said way too often. None of those are great reasons why you should donate time and volunteer.


If you truly care about DM and what it does, then volunteering time and efforts to it seems like much more than a volunteer activity to meet hour requirements. For many people it is a way to volunteer in a manner that is rewarding and fun. Finding this type of volunteer experience allows people to understand the joy that comes from dedicating a significant amount of time and energy to helping others.


College life is amazing in so many ways, yet college students often find things to complain about. Books are so expensive, I never get to sleep because of school and activities, my professors all scheduled tests the same week, someone stole my spot at my favorite coffee shop. Oh the struggles of a college student.


Spend one year in DM with the kiddos and those complaints seem quite small. The perspective students can gain in DM is incredible. Seeing the kiddos fight and keep a smile on their face at such a young age is inspiring. It’s important to keep that perspective in life, and ultimately, it is likely to make students more appreciative of what they have.


Finally, and possibly most importantly, students involved in DM create bonds and friendships that are second to none. When you start to connect with people who have the same passion for DM, it’s hard not to become friends. The time you all spend together working towards the same goal of helping the kiddos is time where friendships are made.


Dance Marathon is about the kiddos, and it will always be about the kiddos. However, that doesn’t mean the students can’t also get anything out of DM. It’s a life changing experience for everyone involved no matter what your role might be.  Image


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