Written By: Brianna Sudrla

We are 16 days out!!! It’s an exciting time that will go by fast, so you should start to think about things to bring and how to prepare yourself for the Big Event. Here is a list of 16 things to do and bring:

16.  If you rely on coffee everyday, like me, it might be a good idea to start weeding yourself off of it now!

15.  Remember to get as much as sleep as possible leading up to February 7th.

14. Extra socks are something you may not think about, but they will definitely come into use.

13. Cellphone charger. Although we assume that we won’t be on our phones a lot, there will be a ton of photo opportunities and you may want to share them on your social media.

12. Ibuprofen will come in handy when your feet are hurting and your muscles are sore. Remember to take this in moderation.

11. Leave your winter coats at home—I promise you won’t need them inside.

10. Remember your theme hour apparel!

9. Stickers! The kids love them, and they are fun to give to fellow dancers.

8. Face wash and a washcloth. When you feel tired, rinsing your face with some cold water will help waken you up and it will be a lot easier if you have a washcloth.

7. Stay hydrated!!!!

6. Bring Toothbrush + Toothpaste

5. Bring anything and everything you have that’s lime!

4. Bring layers—when you’re dancing you will be hot, but when you’re listening to your family speak or eating, you will most likely be cold.

3. Comfortable shoes to dance and walk around in.

2. Deodorant… you will regret it if you forget.



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