Written by Nicole Migacz

The Big Event is 10 DAYS AWAY! Can you believe it?! We are almost there, one big day for celebration. We get to celebrate for 24 hours the kiddos, all our hard work for the families, and for those dancing in our hearts. It will be an emotional and physical roller coaster but I for one CANNOT WAIT! After this exhausting, but completely rewarding, big event you might need to do some reflection and rewinding. In honor of being 10 days out from the Big Event, here are 10 ideas for things to do after the big event.

  1. Sleep. After being awake for 24 hours, some people might still be revved up from the adrenaline rush of power hour but others might want to fall asleep on the bus ride home.
  2. Eat. Although DM supplies all the dancers with plenty of food during the big event, it might be nice to have a tasty snack waiting to reward you when you get home.
  3. Write thank you cards to all the wonderful people who donated to you and let them know how awesome your experience was!
  4. Apply to be on a Leadership committee or Executive board, there is always more you can do with DM.
  5. Get a haircut with a nice relaxing head massage if you just donated your hair!
  6. Pedicure. Give those dancing feet a treat and yes gentlemen you can get pedicures too, you deserve it!
  7. If you’re graduating, check out the Dance Marathon Alumni group.
  8. Make a Dance Marathon playlist. Trust me you will remember all of the songs in the Morale dance by the end of the 24 hours. So when you get home make a dance marathon playlist with all the songs so you can have some music to reminisce to.
  9. Blog or Journal about your experience, you will make memories you will never want to forget, so make sure you don’t!
  10. Connect with all your new friends on Facebook. You are guaranteed to make some new dancer friends while at DM. If you are going with a group of friends, make sure to leave your comfort zone and meet all these great people that are united for 24 hours for the same reason FTK!!

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