Written By: Makenzie Pick


This is it. This is the week we have all been looking forward to and preparing for for a year.  The anticipation is high, and the final preparations are being made. This incredible event of 24 hours takes a lot of people to it pull off. That being said, many thanks are in order. Every person involved in DM in any way deserves a big Thank You, but the DM families especially need to be recognized.


Cancer is terrible. It steals lives and makes the hospital a second home to way too many people. When tragedy like cancer invades a family, it is all too easy shut everyone out. That’s why all of the families in DM deserve a thank you.


Thank you for letting us into your lives at such a vulnerable time. Thank you for letting your children inspire us and show us how strong they are. Thank you for coming to the Big Event and allowing us to interact with you and your children. But most of all, thank you for sharing your stories with us.


Your stories and families inspire us to do everything we can to make sure one day there is a cure for cancer. We keep going because you all keep going. Without the DM families there would be no Dance Marathon, and we wouldn’t be able to have the Big Event each year.


We can’t wait to see you all at the Big Event. Hearing your stories each hour, playing with your kids and getting to know you all inspires us. It keeps us motivated and helps us always remember why we joined Dance Marathon. We can’t thank you enough for opening up and letting the members of DM into your lives.


We dance for all of the DM families, we dance for a cure, but most of all we dance FTK. 


One thought on “Thank You

  1. My daughter was a cancer patient at UIHC, 12 years ago. She currently a sassy, 18 year student at Kirkwood. We are speaking this year….. I spoken in the past, when she was on treatment. This year, its different, we are both older, wiser maybe. DM is a 2 way street, and with that. May I say. Thank You back…. For the love, support, kindness. You DM kids, have No idea what your support meant/ means to these families. My family was forever changed. Thank You.

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