Name: Amanda Durham

Age: 19

Major: Health & Human Physiology

Random fun fact: I am on the University of Iowa Triathlon Team!

How long have you been dancing: 1 year

Word of mouth is sometimes the best way to find about neat opportunities that can be life changing. Amanda Durham danced for the first time last year and now she wants to make Dance Marathon better for future dancers and kids to enjoy.

What/who got you involved in Dance Marathon: Some friends that did it freshman year told me how awesome it was so I knew I had to sign up the following year.

What is your favorite part of Dance Marathon: My favorite part about Dance Marathon is watching all the kiddos dance at the Big Event and seeing their smiling faces is awesome because you know you helped create this experience for them and they are able to just have a great time.

What is your favorite Dance Marathon memory: My favorite Dance Marathon memory was being able to run 2 miles FTK at the Big Event last year, which led me to sign up for the Chicago Marathon with the Dance Marathon group this coming October!

Why do you dance: I dance so these children are able to have the chance to live out their dreams. When I was young, I wanted to be a either princess or a mermaid, and although neither actually came true, we need to give the kiddos the time to try to reach for their goals, no matter how far fetched they may be.

If you could tell everyone one thing about Dance Marathon, what would it be: Dance Marathon and the Big Event change your perspective on life and open many doors for opportunities to get involved and help make Dance Marathon even better! Everything that we do is for the kids and it really shows through the whole organization’s spirit.

If you’re on leadership, what position do you have on leadership, what do you do: I’m on the Event Committee, which means I help brainstorm ideas and plan events throughout the year relating to DM and then assist in setting up and running them.


Written by: Shelsey Monroy



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