Name: Mattie Schaffer

Age: 21

Major: Journalism and Political Science

 Random fun fact: I am obsessed with gas station slushies

 How long have you been dancing: Two years


Dance Marathon creates a world of opportunities for the students at the University of Iowa. Mattie Schaffer is one of the many that were bugged by their roommate to join but then quickly went from being a dancer at Dance Marathon 20 to the Multimedia Chair for Dance Marathon 21. No matter your role in the organization, Dance Marathon will definitely create a space in your heart and leave you wanting to do more.  

What/who got you involved in Dance Marathon: A dancing dinosaur told me to join Dance Marathon in a dream.  Just kidding, my roommate bugged me about it until I joined, and I’m really glad she did.

What is your favorite part of Dance Marathon:  I would say my favorite part of Dance Marathon is the family speakers at the Big Event.  It’s really inspiring to what they have gone through and how well they have handled it.  Also, lime really makes my eyes pop.

What is your favorite Dance Marathon memory: My favorite memory from Dance Marathon was running the marathon in the fall.  I have always sucked at running, like really sucked, so it was a huge accomplishment to finish 26.2 miles.  I don’t think I would have been able to do it without cheating if it wasn’t the motivation to finish for the kiddos.

Why do you dance: I cannot imagine what it would be like to be in these kiddos shoes, or to be one of their family members. They are some of the strongest humans in the world even though they are facing enormous obstacles, and that is why I dance. 

If you could tell everyone one thing about Dance Marathon, what would it be:  Dance Marathon is the perfect opportunity to dance like a fool and eat large amounts of food without being judged.  I would also tell them that this is a truly amazing organization that really shows how much of an impact young adults can make.

Why did you want to be on leadership: I wanted to get more involved and do everything I could for the kiddos and their families.   

What position do you have on leadership, what do you do: I am the Multimedia Chair for the Public Relations and Marketing committee, so I do multiple things with media.  But really, I am in charge of making Dance Marathon visual throughout the year.  I organize the pictures for various Dance Marathon events and collaborate to create video productions for Dance Marathon.


Written By: Nidhi Patel


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