10 Study Breaks that can be done in less than 10 minutes

For all of these breaks make sure you set a timer for 10 minutes otherwise it can end up being many wasted hours.

1. Take a 10 minute social media break. When you get back to studying, try to turn your phone off so you don’t get distracted.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr

2. Get Moving. Stand up, stretch your legs by taking a lap around the library, or watch a ten minute workout video like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6t0quh8Ick

3. Play 2048 or another addicting game on your phone. A game can help distract you from the stress that is building up about your finals.

4. Eat a snack. Your brain needs fuel to get you through the semester worth of material. Some healthy options are popcorn, trail mix, chips and salsa, fruit, and some veggies.

5. Call your mom and dad. No one is better to vent to or to motivate you than your parents.

6. Go buy some caffeine. We all know caffeine is a necessary part of studying.

7. Watch 10 minutes of your most recent addicting show on Netflix. Go back to studying for 90 minutes then watch another 10 minutes. Our personal favorite right now is New Girl. It’s hilarious for guys and girls!

8. Take some BuzzFeed quizzes


9. Watch your favorite video on YoutubeWhether it’s a music video, kittens or a cute kid singing Bruno Mars, it’ll give you something else to look at besides your Power Point slides.

10. Register for Dance Marathon. What better way to get finals off of your mind than to think about celebrating all the lives of our kiddos at the Big Event next year!





Written By: Cyndi Robison


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