Summer is a great time to get started with fundraising for DM21 and preparing for next year. As you begin to think about the Big Event there may be some questions that come up, and the leadership team is always here to help in any way possible. Below is a description of what each committee is responsible for as well as all of the chair positions that fall under that committee and the corresponding email addresses.


Executive Committee: The executive committee is in charge of overseeing and running each of the other committees on leadership. Each member of exec is responsible for one committee.

  • Executive Chair:

Business Committee: The business committee is in charge of fundraising, including all canning outings, spirit dancers, donor relations, and all incoming gifts and donations. This committee will work with all money that comes into DM and organize fundraising efforts. If there are any questions about fundraising opportunities or the status of a donation, the chairs on the business committee should have the answer.

  • Business Chair:
  • Donor Relations Chair:
  • Spirit Dancing Chair:
  • Canning Co-Chairs:
  • Fundraising Chair:

Sponsorship Committee: This committee oversees interaction with previous and potential corporate sponsors, the Dancer Incentive Program and hospitality and food for the Big Event. One of the main tasks of the sponsorship committee is to recruit sponsors and keep all sponsor relationships professional and beneficial to all involved. The Dancer Incentive Program Chair can answer all questions regarding different DIP levels.

  • Sponsorship Chair:
  • Dancer Incentive Program (DIP) Chair:
  • Hospitality Chair:

Development Committee: The three major events development works on are the mini-Dance Marathons around the area, community days and family weekend brunch and Dance Marathon the Marathon. Any questions about the marathon or marathon training can be directed to the DMM co-chairs.

  • Mini-Dance Marathon Co-Chairs: 

   New Mini Dance Marathon Chair:

Mini Dance Marathon Development Chair:

  • Community Relations Chair:
  • Dance Marathon the Marathon Co-Chairs: 

Recruitment and Coaching Chair:

Logistics Chair:

Event Committee: Event Committee is responsible for entertainment at the Big Event and making sure everything runs smoothly for that event. They are also in charge of Dance Appreciation Week, Lime Days and the 100 Days Out Celebration. Another major aspect of event committee is their involvement with other student orgs on campus and recruiting efforts.

  • Event Chair:
  • Dancer Relations Chair:
  • Campus Relations Chair:
  • Entertainment Chair:
  • Analytics Chair:

Morale Committee: The morale committee includes all morale captains and morale captain assistants. If you ever have any general questions, your morale captain or MCA is a great person to contact. They can always help answer your questions or direct you to the correct person. This committee also includes three chair positions who are in charge of leading the morale captains and MCAs in their efforts to properly lead their groups of dancers.

  • Morale Director:
  • Recruitment/Retention Chair:
  • Morale Captain Assistant (MCA) Chair:

Public Relations/Marketing Committee: The PR/Marketing committee runs all of the DM social media sites, updates the blog and website and creates various multimedia projects throughout the year. They are also in charge of coordinating with the press and various news outlets and keeping those relationships professional. Another major focus of this committee is to create and sell all DM merchandise throughout the year.

  • Public Relations Chair:
  • Multimedia Chair:
  • Marketing Chair:
  • Merchandise Chair:
  • Social Media Chair:

Operations Committee: The main goal of the operations committee is to make the Big Event run as smoothly as possible. All of the logistics of the Big Event fall under this committee. A few of the tasks they work on are making sure transportation is efficient, the IMU is set up and torn down properly, and every area is clean and supplied with water. These responsibilities along with the coordination of the Big Event volunteers make up the majority of the focus of operations.

  • Operations Chair:
  • Volunteer Chair:
  • Logistics Chair:

Family Relations Committee: Some of the main responsibilities of the FR committee include coordinating the family mentor/mentee program, organizing and overseeing the family representative program as well as the Morale Captain in Training Program, and setting up all of the logistics concerning the DM families at the Big Event as well as at other DM events throughout the year.

  • Family Relations Chair:
  • Family Representative Chair:
  • Family Programming Co-Chairs 

              Logistics Chair:

              Communications Chair:

Hospital Committee: The hospital committee members go to the hospital during sunshine hours to interact with the DM kids and families. Their main goal is to give the kids someone to play with and to bring joy into the hospital. They hold a mini DM at the hospital during the Big Event and coordinate multiple hospital parties throughout the year.

  • Hospital Chair:


Every person on DM leadership wants to see each and every dancer succeed and have a great experience with DM. If any questions come up, please don’t hesitate to contact either a morale captain, MCA or one of the chairs listed above. To find a more detailed description of what each committee chair member does, follow the link to the Chair Descriptions document! Happy Lime Time Wednesday!

Written by: Makenzie Pick


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