It’s crazy to think that there is 12 weeks left of summer so here are 12 things to do before the start of a new school year!

  1. Head to the theaters to see the summer blockbuster hit that everyone will be talking about
  2. Put your phone down for a day and see what you can discover beyond your 3 inch screen
  3. Host or attend a bonfire! S’mores galore!
  4. Grab a good book to read (not a textbook) for fun!
  5. Soak up the sun by the pool or go for a swim
  6. Catch up with an old friend
  7. Take a spontaneous trip with a friend
  8. Try a new flavor of froyo or ice cream
  9. Go to a waterpark or amusement park
  10. Hang out with family and while you are with them, play with the kiddos!
  11. Register for Dance Marathon 21!
  12. And Finally, start fundraising! Summer is the perfect time to get your fundraising going and gets you ahead of the game!

Whatever you decide to do these next 12 weeks, we hope that you have an amazing time off!! Happy Summer (:

Written By: Shelsey Monroy


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