8 Reasons to be Excited it’s August

The beginning of August always seems to be the signal that summer is coming to an end and school is almost back in session. School comes with its fair share of homework, late night study sessions and more caffeine than anyone should ever consume. However, like all things, school starting has its major perks.

With some of the best days of summer ahead and school in sight, it’s time to get excited about everything August has to offer.

1. The end of summer marks the beginning of a new school year and new opportunities to get involved on and around campus.

2. The Iowa State Fair starts in 6 short days. For those of you who are from out of state or for some reason haven’t had the chance to experience the fair, now is your time. Few things in Iowa, or in the Midwest for that matter, are greater than spending a day at the fair looking at the largest farm animals around, eating greasy food on a stick, standing in line to see a cow made out of butter and ending the day with a concert at the grandstand. As a native Iowan I might be biased, but take my word on this one. It’s perfect.

3. Now is the time to go school supplies shopping. Shopping for school supplies was one of the best days of the year as a kid. Choosing between the green notebook and the purple one was a terribly tough decision, but it had to be made. Swap that notebook out for a financial calculator and you’ve got college school supplies shopping. It may not sound as fun, but if you pretend the calculator costs the same as that green notebook used to, then it can still be just as amusing.

4. Today marks the beginning of Iowa’s two day annual sales tax holiday, and holidays are the best days of the year. Nothing screams back to school sweatpants shopping quite like no sales tax. After your long days of buying everything comfortable and sales tax free you can find, make sure to go back and calculate how much money you saved because we all know it’s better to look at how much you saved rather than how much you spent.

5. Football season is right around the corner. I’m sure it’s safe to assume not everyone has an addiction to sports like I do; however, everyone can go out and have a good time cheering on their fellow Hawkeyes. Feel free to spend the next 29 days dreaming of Back in Black and Iowa touchdowns. I know I will be.

6. Soon you get to be reunited with friends you may not have been able to see for the last 2 ½ months. College friends are some of the best friends you may ever make, and in less than a month you’ll be reunited for an entire school year. There’s so much time for activities when you finally live on the same campus once again.

7. According to nationaldaycalendar.com, August is Admit You’re Happy Month as well as Romance Awareness Month and Picnic Month. Picnics are the best, love is great thing and you should always admit you’re happy. These don’t even need explaining. Everything about this is exciting.

8. Every new day means we are one day closer to the first dancer meetings of the year, one day closer to Dance Marathon the Marathon, and one day closer to the Big Event. So there you have it. It’s August 1st, and that’s exciting. Enjoy your day and your month, and as always FTK.

Written By: Makenzie Pick



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