We all know that coming back to Iowa City can be a great time. But it is so important to be able to buckle down and take your classes seriously. Here are some tips to keep you reaching for those A’s

1. Go to class. The easiest step to take in order to succeed in a class is to actually attend the class. If you don’t go to the class, how do you expect to learn any material.

2. Seek help. When you are feeling stuck and don’t know what is going on in a class, it is super important to seek help. Help can come from anywhere: a classmate, TA, or teacher. You never want to put this off or you will just fall further and further behind

3. Study in advance. We all know that last minute cramming is not an effective way of studying. It is a good idea to study up to a week prior to a test. This way the last minute cramming is left for only the topics you have not become completely confident in.

4. Don’t memorize. Another habit everyone is guilty of in memorizing a bunch of facts right before the test and forgetting them after. When you do this, you truly have not learned anything. It is important that you try to digest the material and really learn it. This way when the final rolls around you will not have to re-memorize a whole semester worth of material.

5. Take responsibility. College is the time where you need to take responsibility for yourself and do your work. Unlike high school, your professors don’t care if you don’t do well in the class. Your soul motivation is you.

Written By: Cyndi Robison


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