Summer has ended (unfortunately) and school is two weeks in but don’t worry, fall is almost here! September 22 marks the calendar start of fall. Here are 6 reasons why fall is one of the best seasons!


  1. PSL aka Pumpkin Spice Latte. Starbuck fans rejoice! PSL typically signals the beginning of fall to Starbucks lovers


  1. Pumpkin and apple flavored food plus all of the candy corn


  1. Sweater Weather! Need I say more?


  1. Football. While Hawkeye and college football has started already, football truly feels more like a fall sport. Plus the NFL starts this weekend! We also get that much closer to the NHL starting.


  1. Halloween and Thanksgiving. Even though it feels like winter when both come around, they are the probably the top holidays in the fall. Dressing up and eating all the food you love? Sign me up!


  1. And last but not least, we get closer to THE BIG EVENT!! As of today there are 110 days til Christmas and 154 days until the Big Event!


Written By: Shelsey Monroy


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