7 Things to Know about Dancer Meetings

  1. You will be told about a lot of dates and information. So, bring a planner and something to write with! If you forget your planner, all of the things you need to know will be in a nifty dancer packet
  1. Bring $. The PR/Marketing committee has worked really hard to come up with some awesome new apparel. Make sure you bring money so you can buy the new DM 21 gear.
  1. Bring a dollar bill. At every dancer meeting, there will be a jar that you can place a dollar bill with your name in. At the end of the meeting, two bills are pulled out and each winner gets half of the contents of the jar put in their dancer accounts!
  1. Wear Lime! What better way to show you are excited to be at the meeting than to support DM and wear lime!
  1. Dancer meetings take place in the 2nd Floor Ballroom at the IMU. Meetings will start at 9 pm, but it is a good idea to show up a little early. This way you will have time to purchase merchandise and find your morale group.
  1. Sit with your morale group. Every dancer is placed into a different morale group numbered 1-49. If you are unsure of your morale group number, log on to org and look under your profile. Morale captains will be holding up signs designating where your group will sit.

Front of Room

1 11 21 31 41
2 12 22 32 42
3 13 23 33 43
4 14 24 34 44
5 15 25 35 45
6 16 26 36 46
7 17 27 37 47
8 18 28 38 48
9 19 29 39 49
10 20 30 40
  1. Have a positive attitude!

Written By: Cyndi Robison


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