We still cannot believe that Lime Days is almost half way over! The organization has been working really hard to make this week run smoothly and ensure that everyone is having a great experience. The Event Committee puts a lot of work and sweat in to the week so we got in touch with member, Lo Crowe to get to know what Lime Days really is and why it is important to Dance Marathon!

  1. Why does the University of Iowa Dance Marathon host Lime Days?

The University of Iowa has Lime Days to create awareness about Dance Marathon, an organization that gives financial and emotional support to children and their families at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital who have been affected by pediatric cancer. It is a way to get students involved and sign up to participate in our fight against a terrible disease!

  1. Why should dancers care about Lime Days?

Dancers should care about Lime Days because this week of events is to spread awareness to people who may not know what Dance Marathon is all about and to grow the organization so we can give more support to the children and their families. It is their way to get their friends involved and to “spread lime” across campus.

  1. What is what is the schedule like for the rest of the week?

Wednesday is Lime Time Wednesday as always, where everyone wears lime to spread awareness and to support the kiddos. Leadership members will also be handing out free swag on the Pentacrest from 12pm-3pm to dancers who have already signed up for this year. This is a way to motivate dancers to continue or start fundraising!

Thursday  is National Dance Marathon Day with a huge push on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, etc.) to spread the word about Dance Marathon 21. There will also be a Flash Sale of DM merchandise from 11:00am-12:30pm in Kautz Plaza for all of those registered as well. This is an opportunity for our dancers to get some sweet Dance Marathon swag to sport around campus!

Friday AND Saturday is the Running Wild Community day (stores business hours) where dancers or leadership can go to their location and a percentage of the proceeds will go straight to Dance Marathon. This day is for dancers to get some awesome running/work out gear and to prepare for our FTK 5k coming up! It is also a way for our Chicago Marathon runners to pick up any last minute needs all FTK!

Sunday is FTK Day, a 5k and family event put into one. An awesome opportunity to run/walk a 5k for the kiddos and then after enjoy a picnic with our Dance Marathon Families. This is an opportunity for dancers to interact with the kiddos and their families and give them even more reasons to dance.

  1. Why do you believe Lime Days is necessary?

I believe that Lime Days is a great way for students who are not sure about Dance Marathon to get their first experience with the organization and see that what we are doing truly creates hope and miracles for these children battling each and every day! It is a way to show that a group of college students can come together and create something great!

Written By: Nidhi Patel


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