Have you ever wanted to have the ideal fall weekend but just didn’t know what to do exactly? This schedule of fall activities on the weekend might help you plan your own fall fun.


9 am: Wake up and head over to your favorite coffee shop for a fall treat. Pumpkin Spice Latte anyone?

Noon: Apples, apple cider, apple doughnuts, etc. can only be found at Wilson’s Orchard! A fall favorite activity for many on the weekends, this is a place to check out at some point and “getaway” from the city.

3 pm: Have you picked out your Halloween outfit? This is the perfect time to go costume shopping! While you are at it stop by a store if you didn’t at Wilson’s Orchard and get a pumpkin.

5 pm: Carve a pumpkin or two! Decorate your apartment/house space with fun fall decorations. Pinterest has some cool ideas on DIY decorations.

7pm: If possible, have a bonfire or make some s’mores in whatever way you can make them.


10am: Head to the farmer’s market for some fresh food before the month of October is over. Not really into the farmer’s market? Take a walk around Iowa City and see the beauty of the city during the fall.

12pm: Relax and hang out on the Pentacrest OR hang out at home and watch Halloween classics like Hocus Pocus.

2 pm: Rake some leaves around your house or volunteer help someone else rake their leaves. Afterwards jump into the pile of leaves!

4pm: Get lost in a corn maze! If you’re not a fan of that than try a haunted house or hay rides.

7pm: Forgot to do your homework? Sit down with a cup of hot chocolate as you prepare for the week.

Written By: Shelsey Monroy


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