Six months ago over 180 people signed up to run the Chicago Marathon with UIDM, four months ago we began our training, three weeks ago we ran our longest training run, and in four days we will be running 26.2 miles at the Chicago Marathon for the DM kiddos who inspire us every day.

Whether you’re running the marathon, going to watch the marathon or finding out about the marathon for the first time, you can be a part of the experience. If you would like to follow any of the runners throughout the race, log onto the Bank of America Chicago Marathon website the day of the race to find out how to track the runners you know. This provides a fun way to stay connected to the marathon no matter where you might be when it occurs.

The marathon has been in our minds for about six months now, and it becomes a reality for each and every one of us on Sunday. We’ve done our physical training, we’ve put in the hours, we’ve run the miles, and we’ve consumed our fair share of energy gels. DMM runners know the importance of getting our gear ready, carb-loading (our favorite part of training), and tapering.

While all of the physical preparation is extremely important if we want to finish the race to the best of our ability, these next few days are a time to focus on preparing mentally. It is a chance for us to take a step back from the long runs and focus on why we signed up for this marathon in the first place. Thanks to the DMM coaches, Alex and Natalie, and everyone who worked on the Mile Motivators video, we’ve got plenty of motivation.

As Mattie Schaffer, a producer of the Mile Motivators video explains, “the video focuses on running a marathon and how that compares and contrasts to what some of our families have gone through.” This video has been created to give each runner a boost of motivation and a reminder of the kids we are running for as we take on the marathon. Click here to take a look at this inspiring video!

Past DMM runners have also provided motivation of their own. Each current runner has received a Words of Wisdom packet from the DMM coaches with advice from past runners. It’s filled with encouraging stories, excellent advice from experienced runners and the final motivation each DMM runner needs to finish the race FTK.

All DMM runners come from different running backgrounds. Some have run multiple marathons while others couldn’t run two miles six months ago. Each runner will go to Chicago with different expectations, different goals, and different levels of running experience. Our differences are important, but they pale in comparison to what we have in common. We will come together as DMM runners to run the marathon because we are all in this for the same reason. In four days we will all run 26.2 miles, we will all own Chicago and as always, we will all do it For The Kids. Run Strong.


“Remember whom it is you’re running for; kids that would probably do anything to be able to run outside, kids who are supporting you and are amazed that you are running 26.2 miles all for them.” Emma Boehmer

“Running is mental. Whether you ran a 20 miler or a 5-10 miler a few weeks ago, you are ready to run Chicago to represent this wonderful organization at The University of Iowa. Just relax, pace, hydrate, stretch, and think about those families and patients. It will give you strength.” Steve Sefanik

“You are stronger than you think, and you will run Chicago. Enjoy the ride, stick to the tried and true, and run FTK. Remember, running is a privilege.” Ani Danelz

(Quotes from Words of Wisdom runner packet)

Written By: Makenzie Pick

(Use #RunDMM to share your marathon weekend)


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