With the help of the Lecture Committee, the University of Iowa Dance Marathon will be hosting Alex Sheen at the Sheraton tonight at 7:30 pm.

Alex Sheen is the creator and founder of the “Because I Said I Would Movement.  After his father passed away from small cell lung cancer, he began the organization as a way to remember his dad’s legacy of always keeping his word. Through promise cards and philanthropic acts, Sheen is working to better humanity through the importance of keeping a promise.  Sheen is a nationally known philanthropist who has given TedTalks and speaks motivationally across the country, as well as working towards giving back to as many communities and individuals as he can.

Event Chair Hannah Thomsen and her entire Event Committee has been working endlessly to bring to an amazing lecture to campus. Here’s an interview we had with her!

1. How did you find Alex Sheen?
We came across Alex Sheen through the suggestion of our advisor Kyle Walters.  After doing some research and checking out Alex’s story on his website and watching videos, we knew he would be the perfect person to come speak and support the DM message!
2. What gave you done to prepare for this?
So far, preparing for the lecture has been quite a bit of work, but it’s been so fun.  We had to contact Alex and his manager, set up location details, food, sponsorships, and collaborate with other Dance Marathon people to get the event set up.  I was in contact with Lecture Committee to set up marketing and official details and, we also had to work with our committee to get the word out about the event!  I say we so much with this because while I did a lot of work, it was a HUGE team effort where every person put in the time and work and made it happen!
3. How did you create a partnership with the Lecture Committee?
Creating a partnership with Lecture Committee was pretty easy this year, due to the fact that we already had a partnership in place from last year!  Despite this, I had to set up meetings with lecture committee members, finalize details, discuss timing and make sure that all official documents were ready to go for Alex’s arrival!
4. Why do you think that keeping your promise is so important?
Keeping a promise is one of those very undervalued things in life.  People sometimes overlook how much it means to keep your word and follow through on what you say, when in reality, it means so much.  I think keeping promises shows your true character and reveals how much you value your reputation, and how important other people are to you.  It’s a lot easier to come through with something you said you would do than we think it is sometimes, and it’s important to show that you care about not letting people, and yourself, down.
5. What do you think college students as well as the community will gain from attending this lecture?
I think college students and community members alike can take a TON away from this lecture because it is such a universal topic.  We all make promises, we all say we’re going to do things, so learning why it’s important to keep those promises and how to keep them is a skill we all should have.  I think people will be reminded of how good it feels to stay true to your word and to accomplish things you promised you would, which is something we all need to be continually inspired to do.
6. What are you most excited about?
There are a lot of things I’m excited about for this event!  I cannot wait to meet Alex and to show him what it’s like to be a Hawkeye in Dance Marathon, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to host him and introduce him.  But what I’m most excited about is the crowd reaction.  I can’t wait to see the kinds of promises people want to work on and to see the progress that people make.  I love watching people become inspired, and I know that this event will make that happen!
Written By: Nidhi Patel

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