8 Reasons Why DM Kiddos win at Halloween

Here’s the deal: We’ve all been spending weeks on end (okay I’VE been spending weeks on end) trying to find the perfect Halloween costume to be the guaranteed hot commodity of any Halloween function and well… I thought I had a pretty good chance. That is, until I met the 8 Dance Marathon kiddos that changed my outlook on Halloween costumes forever. Seeing these awesome kids dressed up in their awesome costumes forced me to come to the completely understandable realization that I will never be the best at Halloween because the DM kiddos already have us all beat. In no particular order, meet the 8 reasons why DM kiddos win at Halloween:

1. Will


Will is not dressed as any ordinary tiger. He is dressed as THE Daniel Tiger from Mr. Roger’s neighborhood. Fun fact: Daniel Tiger doesn’t usually wear pants, but Will still wore pants because he’s totally innovative.

  1. Livee


Not only does Livee (right) look delicious as a taco, but she also had her own Frank’s RedHot Sauce (left). Does this girl know how to accessorize or what? Is anyone else suddenly craving a Taco Bell CrunchWrap?

  1. Luke


Luke’s Buzz Lightyear costume takes Halloween to infinity and beyond. He looks better than Buzz himself in all 3 Toy Story movies combined!

4. Maddy


Maddy does Elsa better than well… Elsa. Her look inspired me to want to build a snowman for the first time in forever. If you’re thinking of being Elsa for Halloween this year, take a tip from Maddy or just let it go. Enough Frozen puns?

5. Jon


Jon does Luigi so well that he doesn’t even need a Mario to win at Halloween. He’s got way more than 1-UP on the rest of us.

6. Vinny


Yoshi is already one of the best Mario characters, but he is even better when sported by Vinny. With the help of pal Luigi (see above), the duo will have no problem saving Princess Peach!

7. Mikayla


Mikayla’s alien costume is out of this world. Don’t be fooled by her silver hair and antennas. This alien comes in peace and she looks pretty good doing it.

8. Hunter


Does this adorable duck even need a caption?

Judging by the pictures above, it’s pretty safe to say that the DM kiddos do Halloween better than any of us, but Halloween is more than winning so dress up anyway! Who knows? You might even come close to looking as great as the 8 reasons why DM kiddos win at Halloween (but probably not). Have a fun and safe Halloween and keep raising money for more Halloweens FTK!

Written By: Rachel Spector


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