Dancer of the Month- Emily Sula of Group 5

University of Iowa Dance Marathon’s Dancer of the Month recognizes an individual who is a positive representative of Dance Marathon. They show their lime by attending events with their Morale Group, encouraging others to get involved, and maintaining a passion for Dance Marathon. This month, we’d like to recognize Emily Sula of Group 5 as the October 2014 Dancer of the Month! Emily has already made a tremendous impact on her Morale Group’s fundraising. She came up with a great idea of doing a carwash as a group fundraiser at the HyVee she works at. Emily helped to coordinate the carwash with Group 5 MCA Sarah Rodriguez, and hammered out details with her manager! Because of Emily’s efforts, Group 5 raised $455.50, all FTK! Morale Captain, Jackie Wolf says that Emily has “truly made a difference, and [Sarah and I] think her efforts and dedication to Dance Marathon should be recognized!” Emily epitomizes that it is to be a dancer: she is creative, hard-working, and shows her passion FTK in her daily life! Congratulations, Emily!!


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