Spreading Lime Over the Holidays

Dance Marathon does a lot of awesome things for the kiddos all year, and the holiday season is no exception. Dance Marathon wants the kiddos to enjoy the holidays as much as they can, and there are several ways that DM will help make our families’ holidays a little bit brighter this year.

Dance Marathon will help spread the holiday spirit to the kiddos through Elf Visits at the hospital. Hospital Chair Erin Draminski said, “Elf Visits are a time for DM volunteers to go up to the hospital and deliver donations of toys, blankets, PJ’s, etc. to the kiddo’s room!” These visits are a great way that Dance Marathon will help the kiddos this holiday season.

Dance Marathon passes out gift cards bi-weekly so that parents can get a break from the hospital to get a good meal. Dance Marathon also offered gift cards to all the families to help with the financial burdens during the holidays. This year, Dance Marathon will give out almost 300 gift cards to assist families with their holiday spending.

There are also awesome Dance Marathon sponsored activities at the hospital during the holidays. “We do weekend and Friday afternoon programming for kiddos and families to relieve some stress and give them an opportunity to spend time with each other during the holiday season! For instance, this Saturday we have DM Date Night. The kiddos will be baking and decorating sugar cookies, and making their own snow globes while the parents watch The Santa Clause” said Erin.

Another great thing Dance Marathon does is the Holiday Store. This store gives the kiddos a chance to pick out presents for their parents and siblings. Dance Marathon volunteers will then wrap the gifts. Dancers have the opportunity to bring gifts to the December dancer meetings to help fill the store. Each moral group is designated to bring gifts for a specific age group and gender, so don’t forget to bring your presents!

The Putnam Museum Family Event is a fantastic time for families to celebrate the holidays DM style. This event allows the families to visit the Putnam Museum in Davenport. The families are able to watch a Christmas movie in the IMAX theatre, explore the museum, and each kiddo gets to pick out a present. Family Programming Chair, Natalie Del Vecchio, said, “It’s great for the families to have this time to get together to celebrate the holidays because they have all become so close through Dance Marathon. The kids are always so excited, and it’s always fun watching them pick one of the presents out of the huge pile.”

While Dance Marathon helps make the holidays the best they can be for our families, we can all spread our lime this season as well. Make sure to continue your fundraising over winter break, tell all your friends and family about Dance Marathon, and remember that, not just during the holidays, everything we do is For The Kids!

Written By: Mattie Schaffer


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