Finals week is upon us and we all need the best of the best study breaks to keep our motivation going. Study breaks can be a great way to reward yourself for all your hard work! After studying (or pretending to study) for an hour or so, it’s good to take a little bit of time to refresh. Here are some ideas that have proved to be the perfect amount of distraction. Some of these are more distracting than others, some are fun, and some are reminders to do daily tasks like I don’t know maybe take a shower. Regardless, we wish you the best of luck in your studying and even more luck on your finals!

1. Watch Netflix-only 1 episode

2. Play Trivia Crack

3. Go to therapy dogs

4. Watch Dance Marathon videos

5. Go to the ice rink at the IMU

6. Work out at the rec center

7. Send letters to your friends and family to raise more money FTK

8. Call mom and dad

9. Take a walk

10. Do yoga

11. Get a massage

12. Make origami swans

13. Bake cookies

14. Brainstorm ideas for your New Years Resolution

15. Watch a TED talk

16. Online holiday shopping

17. Take a shower

18. Take a BuzzFeed quiz

19. Eat a snack

20. Do some laundry

21. Take a nap

22. Breathe- it’ll all be okay

Written By: Nidhi Patel


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