Dear (T minus 5 muntes) me,

You made it!! You raised as much as you could, packed your bag and put on your fanny pack and your flare so that you could enjoy the magical 24-hour experience! At this point, you probably have so much energy and you are so excited to experience the ups and downs that come with giving it your all FTK.

During the next 24 hours, you’ll experience more emotions than you can imagine! You’ll laugh during the man pageant, you’ll get emotional during the family stories, and you’ll jump more than you ever have during power hour! You’ll devour the Pancheros at dinner and make crafts in the activity rooms! You’ll get a chance to dance on stage with some remarkable kiddos and a chance to show off your dance moves with your best friends.

Although the event can be overwhelming at times, take a moment to take it all in. Take a moment to stand at the back of the ballroom and realize how much of an impact you are having on the lives of every family member that is affected by cancer. This is a time where every kiddo gets a chance to be “normal” again. They get to run around a play with cool college kids and forget about fighting a terrible disease. Other families celebrate the lives of kiddos that have lost their battles. All of these families will help you get through the 3 AM, 9AM, and 3 PM walls that are the hardest to get over. You’ll discover or re-discover why you dance and fall even more in love with the cause.

When that tote board goes up, you’ll know you gave everything you could and you can truly celebrate! No matter what the number is, you did an amazing thing and you should be proud of yourself.

So get ready! The best 24 hours of the year starts NOW!

Love (T minus 13 days) you

Written By: Nidhi Patel


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