Runner- Sean Thompson

“What’s something you did to make your fundraising efforts for Dance Marathon stand out and show your potential donors that you’re committed to doing all you can FTK?”

I asked myself this question when I found out the minimum fundraising goal for those wanting to run the Chicago Marathon with Dance Marathon the Marathon was increased to $1,000. I knew it was going to take some extra effort meet or exceed that goal, and I’ve come to know that the best way to reach people is with a convincing story; a full narrative, one you can not only tell people but also show them your commitment. So I decided to make running 21 races in 2014 in recognition of Dance Marathon 21 as part of my DM narrative.

Instead of meticulously planning out the 21 races (as would have been the smart thing to do), I searched a racing website every couple of weeks and added new potential races to my list. If there was a 5K in Iowa City or Coralville, I was almost definitely there. Find out about a new 5K in Cedar Rapids the night before? Sure, I can get up early again on another Saturday! I even got to run a half-marathon in Chicago with Team Run for HD (Huntington’s disease), to fundraise for and support another cause close to my heart, which was a really great experience.

Eleven 5Ks, three 8Ks, two 10Ks, one seven-miler, three half-marathons and a full marathon FTK in Chicago later, and I had met my goal! Add in a gazillion training miles and way too many registration fee dollars than I’d care to count, and I felt accomplished, maybe a little sore but glad I had met my goal. Anytime I didn’t want to go for a training run or hit the wall during a race, I thought of the kids and all they go through, and I was motivated to push through. Most importantly, I raised over $1,000 FTK, which I’m certain was helped by these crazy 21 races being part of my Dance Marathon narrative.

Either that, or people felt sorry for me for running that much…either way, I encourage you to add something special and unique to your Dance Marathon narrative!


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