Brian Wall

 Human Physiology & Spanish


DM Position:
 Family Relations Director

What do you do in your position?

There are 3 committees in DM Family Relations: Family Representative, Family Programming, and Hospital. These committees work year-round to ensure our mission of serving the DM families is fulfilled to its highest potential! Additionally, the new Family Database is the primary way in which we communicate with the 700+ DM families, which has been an extremely useful project to develop this year.”

What is your favorite part about the organization?

My absolute favorite thing about UIDM is the drive that every Dancer has to help these families and kiddos. I’ve never come across any organization that ignites such passion in all its participants, and this lets us do incredible and groundbreaking things every single year.”

What are you looking forward to most at the Big Event?

“I absolutely can’t wait to introduce our over 1000 attending DM family members with my great friend, and DM21 Hospital Director, Elizabeth Shirazi!!! This is the most DM family members that have ever attended a Big Event!”

What’s your favorite dance marathon memory?

“The clearest and happiest memories I have from each of my 3 previous Big Events are the times I’ve been in the Main Lounge, dancing with our DM families. Meet a kiddo and see if they want to dance on stage! It sounds simple, but it really is an amazing experience to share.”


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