Can you believe that the Big Event is in a little over a week?! While you are continuing your fundraising and getting super pumped to dance for 24 hours, don’t forget to train! In order to help you in your quest to be in tip-top shape for the Big Event, we have put together some exercises that you can do at home (including pictures!)

1.High-Knees & Butt Kicks: Start off your training with dynamic stretches! At the Big Event, you’ll be putting your legs through the best 24 hour workout you will ever experience, and you don’t want cramps ruining the fun.

1 2

2. Squats: Sometimes, after standing for a really long time, your knees may start to hurt. Since we don’t sit during the Big Event, a few squats can help take the pressure off your knees for a bit and re-energize you to dance the night away! This is also a useful exercise for when you want to eat Pancheros or Panda Express at a table that is missing chairs.


3. Fist Pumps: It is imperative that your fist-pump game is strong for Power Hour. After all, you don’t want those delts fatiguing so you can raise your glowsticks high in the air!

4 5

4. Jumps: Another key exercise to help you take on Power Hour to prevent calf fatigue halfway through. This is also a perfect dance move for when you don’t know what else to do. Feel free to embellish with flailing arms and fist pumps (see above).There are no judgements at the Big Event, so the crazier the dance move the better! Sorry, we don’t have a clever picture for this one – turns out it is actually pretty hard to get a picture of someone mid-air.

5. Toe-touch: More than just a stretch, the toe-touch will give your lower back a brief reprieve at hour 14, 15, 16, 17…you get the picture. Do some of these ahead of time and make sure you don’t pull a hamstring!


6. Sing-Along: Talking to friends, singing while you dance, screaming after the final total goes up–let’s face it, your voice is going to need to be in tip-top shape as much as your body. So put on Livin’ on a Prayer, memorize all the words, and be sure to be in the ballroom at 7am on February 7th to show off your mad skills! Also, songs are best sung with friends (like 2,000 at the Big Event) so get a few buds together for this one!


Written By: Julia Cartwright and Parker Koch


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