Erin Larsen
Leisure Studies with an emphasis in Child Life
Executive Director
What do you do with your position?
In my position I have the pleasure and great responsibility of leading the organization. I oversee the executive council as well as work with a variety of university, community, and external partners.
What is your favorite part about the organization?
My favorite part of the organization is how at it’s very core, it is a group of college kids giving so much of themselves for a cause that they believe in. They work so hard and so selflessly on behalf of this organization For The Kids. Everyone is focused on one goal – doing as much as we possibly can for our kids and families – and that is absolutely amazing.
What’s your best advice for a first year dancer?
Remember why you started!! Remember why you dance, and every hour find another reason! Take the family stories to heart, dance with a kiddo. It is all For The Kids, and you will absolutely be able to dance for 24 hours if you continue to keep that in your heart.
What are you most excited about?/what is your favorite part about the 24 hours?
My favorite part of the 24 hours is opening ceremonies. Seeing all of the families being introduced on stage is so powerful to me. They are why we do what we do, and it always impacts me in such a special way to be able to see them right there. This organization, and especially the Big Event, means so incredibly much to them. Also….POWER HOUR.
Why do you dance?
Because you can cry about it, or you can dance about it. (In the words of Kid President…)
What’s your favorite color?
What’s your favorite dance marathon memory?
Watching power hour from the balcony during Dance Marathon 20. It is the most powerful thing I have ever experienced. To know that every single person in that ballroom is there in support of the Dance Marathon kids and families is magical.
An interesting fact about yourself?
Growing up I really wanted to be a Radio City Rockette…..turns out dancing for 24 hours once a year is a close second 😉
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where is the first place you would go?
Las Vegas. I would be lying if I didn’t say Las Vegas.

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