Finals are upon us. There is a lot of studying to do, and a lot of stress. Here are some ways to take some study breaks to help you defeat the finals [huns]. (haha get it?).

Food- Your brain needs fuel to get you through the semester worth of material. Some healthy options are popcorn, trail mix, fruit and some veggies. Some not so healthy options are pizza, chocolate and chips.

Instagram- Social media is a great way to take a break. Be careful, don’t let 15 minutes turn into several hours!

Netflix- Watch the shorter 20-25 minute shows. We like The Office, Parks and Rec, Friends and How I Met Your Mother.

Animals- Go to Pet Land! Pet some animals!

Lip sync your favorite song- Be respectful of others studying, but hey, enjoy your music.

Sign up for Dance Marathon- What better way to get finals off of your mind than to think about celebrating all the lives of our kiddos at the Big Event next year!

Wop- Learn the newest dance craze for the next Big Event!

Exercise- Stand up, stretch your legs by taking a lap around the library, or watch a ten minute workout video like this one:

Explore Buzzfeed quizzes- Take a max of 3, otherwise you will end up learning useless things about yourself (learning what High School Musical character you should date isn’t totally necessary).

Kick a ball- Go outside and play some games! Soccer, Frisbee, Volleyball, and Basketball are great choices


 -Written by Francesca Delleman



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