Classes have concluded. Finals are over. You’ve survived and thrived as a Hawkeye for another semester. And although many may think you have no strings attached to Iowa City for the summer, your Dance Marathon commitment is far from over during the next three months.

I’m here to remind you that pediatric cancer is 365 days a year, meaning that Dance Marathon is too.

One great way to continue spreading lime over the summer months is to continue participating in the weekly tradition of Lime Time Wednesday! Whether it is wearing your DM bracelets, Big Event shirts or incorporating lime into your wardrobe for the new internship that you’re dominating, make sure to proudly wear your lime every Wednesday this summer! There’s no better way to spread lime and make others aware of the Dance Marathon impact beyond the Iowa City borders.

Although Wednesday is an important day to highlight throughout the week, it’s also vital to recognize Travel Tuesday. Because summer is such a popular time for traveling, we want to remind Dance Marathon members to help spread the DM word not only throughout the country, but to all parts of the world as well! Whether you are taking a family vacation, going on a spontaneous road trip or studying abroad to a foreign land, make sure to spread your lime!

Document your lime spreading and email your pictures to and you can by featured on #FTKAroundTheWorld on the next Dance Marathon #TravelTuesday!

So remember, you awesome DM Hawkeyes, to send in your pictures for Travel Tuesdays, proudly spread your DM love on Lime Time Wednesdays and continue fundraising the other five days of the week as well! I hope your summer is off to a great start and I cannot wait to see the lime that is spread not only around the country, but also around the world all FTK!



-written by Kate Huber


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