Just laying around all summer doing nothing, why not fundraise for Dance Marathon and help yourself get closer to meeting your goal for the Big Event. Here are 7 ways to start fundraising over the summer.


  1. Collect all the empty pop can and pop bottles in your house and turn them in at your local grocery store for money. If you’re looking for more money, try asking your neighbors and friends for their cans as well. IMG_1245
  2. Start mowing lawns around the neighborhood. The money you earn can be put towards towards Dance Marathon.              tumblr_nebupbN3cj1sqsszco1_250
  3. Write out 10 letters once a month, to different friends and family members, asking them to donate to you for Dance Marathon. Since you may have just asked many of them earlier this year for DM21 try sending letters to different members you previously didn’t ask.                                             spongebob-dance_284
  4. You have an incredibly large skill set, offer yourself for an afternoon to your friends and family members doing odd jobs around their households. At the end ask for a small donation instead of being paid for your duties.                                tumblr_lini945Yc61qak7i1
  5. Start a piggy bank or money box. Every time you have loose change over the summer put it into your piggy bank or money box. At the end of the summer empty it and donate all the money collected to your fundraising goal.tumblr_ldv8jzmyhn1qc7j5lo1_500
  6. Clean out your belongings and clothes and hold a garage sale. All proceeds you collect can be donated to your fundraising goal. anigif_enhanced-buzz-31528-1432484974-9
  7. Offer to walk your friends, family, and neighbors dogs for a small fee. All money collected can be donated to your Dance Marathon goal. happy-dance-o

With these 7 fundraising ideas you’ll be that much closer to reaching your fundraising goal and even closer to dancing at the Big Event in February. So get off the couch and start fundraising today FOR THE KIDS! You’re going to want to be at the Big Event because it’s going to be Ledgen….. wait for it….. dary!tumblr_mr03hwr3KX1sv3ni6o1_500

Written By: Katrina Fey


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