Summer is finally here; which means tank tops, flip-flops and other summer fashion favorites. There are a lot of fashion trends this summer but those can be hard to keep up with and never last long. Luckily for us, lime never goes out of style! Whether your summer plans are to chill at home and watch Netflix all day or you’re going to be working hard at that internship you got all summer, there is always a way to incorporate some lime into your style!

I don’t know about you but when I think about summer daytime fashion I think about throwing on a t-shirt and some comfy shorts and calling it a day. Why dress up just to go get some ice cream or to go swimming? An easy way to rock lime this summer is to wear the lime green t-shirt given to you from last year’s, or previous year’s big event, or any other Dance Marathon merchandise you may have! Wear it around your friends or family and maybe they’ll ask you questions you actually want to answer, like what Dance Marathon is all about, instead of asking about your grades or why your relationship status is always single.

Maybe you have some serious WaNdErLuSt this summer and plan on studying abroad and traveling the globe. Well you can’t travel the globe without a passport, and that navy blue color is just a little too dull for the summer. Add a pop of color with a lime green passport cover that’s fun and bright, just like summer! Days spent in and out of the airport can be long and tiring so you’ll want to dress comfortably. You can’t avoid getting seated next to annoying neighbors or that one crying baby that seems to be on every plane, but you can come prepared for the uncomfortably cold temperature that all airplanes seem to have with your warm and cozy UIDM crew neck from merchandise if you have one! Wherever you go be sure to take a little lime with you! Oh, and don’t forget to also pack your lime green wristband to get an ~artsy~ Travel Tuesday pic for the Dance Marathon Instagram page!

If you’re doing some serious work at an internship this summer and are one step closer to starting your super responsible and mature adult life, make sure you snag some lime green shades since your future is so bright!! It couldn’t hurt to have a planner too. Keep your schedule organized in a lime green planner to help remind you that if you can survive standing for 24 hours straight than you can survive the rest of your workday as well. All work and no play is no fun. Give yourself a break every once and a while and head to the pool to work on your summer tan. Since you’re super legit for getting an internship, rock your too legit to sit shirt from merchandise to the pool if you have one, and if that’s not enough lime for you maybe you could find a lime green beach towel to match it.

Whatever you’re doing this summer be sure to enjoy it and find a way to incorporate some lime so you can show off how awesome UIDM is! Who knows, maybe you’ll even get a couple of donations from it?! The most important and convincing reason you should wear lime is simple. Do it FTK!

Whether this post inspired you to get some more lime apparel or it was just convenient because lime green is your favorite color, here are some links for the items that were mentioned!

Written By: Bailey Christian


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