Ever wonder how you can incorporate lime into any given days outfit??! Lucky for you were here to help. Even though the big event isn’t for 198 days (but who’s counting??) it’s never too early to start showing off your Dance Marathon Spirit with some lime accessories!

The never-ending list of opportunities

1. A lime green sweatband for when you’re training hard for the marathon.1

2. Lime green nail polish because why not?


3. Lime green socks for those rare times you need socks in the summer.


4. Lime green sunglasses for when you’re getting tan at the beach

dog glasses

5. A lime green fanny pack for when tailgate rolls around.


6. A lime green tie for when you take that special someone out on a date.


7. A lime green notebook for when school starts and you’re stuck in the library.


8. Old DM shirts.


​9. DM bracelets for all day everyday!!


These are just some of the many accessories that can help you spread lime on a day-to-day basis. Keep fundraising and don’t forget to be on the look out for the new DM 22 merchandise coming soon!!

Written by: Kelsey Wroble


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