Heading back to school is the highlight of September, getting to see all your friends

again and starting up a new school year. Here are some events that will make

coming back to school even better than it is…

1. Sept 21st – 25th. Come celebrate Lime Days. Starting Monday, Dance

Marathon will be hosting 5 days of spreading. This is a great time to sign up

for DM22 if you haven’t already.

Lime Days

2. Who doesn’t like to show their school spirit and cheer on the Iowa Hawks?

Games days are some of the best days here at Iowa. From tailgating to

watching the game to even canning for DM, football games are a great way to

spend your weekend.


3. Sept. 24th. Most college students can’t tell you what they are doing

tomorrow, but if you are a planner the Fall job and Internship Fair is a great

place to stop on by. There will be lots of opportunity to take advantage of, so

don’t miss it.

4. Sept 27th. FTK DAY! Come hang out with DM and DM families at 5k and lunch.

Don’t miss a chance to hang out with our amazing families and kiddos.

5. Oct 3rd. Laughing, laughing, and more laughing. Kevin Hart is coming to Iowa.

This is an event you don’t want to miss. We have all seen him on TV, but who

doesn’t want to see him up close and personal.


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