Evan Chidley
Morale Captain, Group 27
This picture was in Cap-d’Ail

What countries have you visited?
” Spain, England, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland”

Of all the places you have been, what has been your favorite country or city or experience and why?

“I would say the Fiestas of Alicante, which happen every year at the end of June. For a whole week everyone in the city is out late, from little kids to grandparents. My 60 year old host mom got drinks with her friends every night. There’s a ton of places to get food and they set up tents in the middle of the street. They’re such a big deal that we didn’t have class for 3 days. Also, artists create these massive structures that are basically social commentaries and they’re set up every couple of blocks, and the last night of the fiestas are the bonfires which is when they set all of these massive things on fire. Everyone gathers in a crowd around them and firefighters keep the fire in check, but then everyone starts chanting “agua agua” and the firefighters spray the crowd with water. This goes on from like midnight to 3 am and we were all soaked it was so fun!
But my other favorite experience was definitely the Ed Sheeran concert in London at Wembley stadium.”

What are you most looking forward to in terms of dm this year?
“One of my favorite moments in life was when the tote board went up at DM 21 and we all saw that we had hit $2 million. Knowing that this year we have nowhere to go but up is amazing. I’m so excited to be on the Morale Committee- being surrounded by other people that care as much as you do is an experience like no other. I can’t wait to get to know my dancers and show them what they can do for DM and what it will do for them.”


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