As fellow Hawkeyes, we set a standard of going above and beyond when called on for our participation on this campus. Having over 500 student organizations, there is ample opportunities to join something new on campus and become part of more than one student group.

We all love our (DM) lime and we rep it every (DM) day, but there is so much more we can do to spread our lime love into other organizations we participate in. Not only are there little things we can do, (we’ll get to those in a minute) but Dance Marathon wants to help our student orgs out too!

Some quick and easy steps to spread your lime in your other students orgs:

1. WEAR YOUR LIME! We love to participate in WEAR YOUR LIME WEDNESDAY. Wear your lime swag to your next student org. outing. Not only will you be the swaggiest person in the group, but people will also most likely ask you about Dance Marathon. Who knows, maybe you will make a friend or two to take to the Big Event.

2. Take them to your dancer socials! Our Morale Captains will LOVE meeting new dancers at your next social! Bring some student org members to your next dancer social and give them a little taste of what it is like to be a part of the Dance Marathon family!

3. Is having an open forum during your meetings a possibility? If so, create a blurb about something fun you learned or did with Dance Marathon in the past week, you can always throw up our videos and get people pumped about Dance Marathon!

For a more official connection between your student org and Dance Marathon, check out our Organization Delegate Program! Dance Marathon is inviting a rep from any and all student orgs on campus to get involved in Dance Marathon and hear about what we’re doing on campus! As an organization that prides itself in giving back, we want to help your student orgs out too! In these meetings you’ll be able to tell Dance Marathon (and all the other student organizations participating) what’s going on in your student organization and who knows, maybe you’ll see a lot more lime at your next event. Got any questions about our Campus Rep Program? Make sure to email Katie Czolgosz at: dm.campusrel@gmail.com.

So whether your passion is Dance Marathon lime all the way or your passions are somewhere between gaming and sailing, spread your lime everywhere you go!

Written by: Paola Jaramillo


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